Security Cameras

There are many makes, models, features and price points for video security cameras. Understanding these differences and how the technology best suits your needs will allow you to capture useable live video from both the interior and exterior areas of your business. The signal transmitted from the security camera is displayed “live” on closed circuit television, commonly referred to as CCTV, and stored to a set of files within the security server, Network Video Server (NVR) or Digital Video Server (DVR). These devices allow you to view archived video through a camera software solution to be viewed as needed.

SoCal Access and Video has deployed a variety of security cameras in various types of businesses including fortune 1000 Corporations, Health Care, K-12 Schools, Universities, State and Local Governments, Law Enforcement, Gaming and Hospitality, Small Shops, Casinos, Banks, Airports and large warehouses such as logistic centers, manufacturing and production facilities. Selecting the correct security camera is critical to the long term satisfaction, usability and return on investment when considering a new or upgraded video surveillance system.

Security Camera Design & Installation

Our qualified technicians will work with you to develop and design the security system that best fits your needs. Based on what works best with your business we will assist you with selecting IP and megapixel security cameras as well as the best possible software solution. We are also able to create full video security surveillance and card access control system that will provide your business with the best possible security.

Card Access Control & Security Cameras

Many consider having security cameras on the premises, however most white collar crimes occur within the building by trusted employees. Controlling who enters your business, restricting access to certain employees and offering more protection to employees from outside intruders is becoming more and more important. Card access control systems are often installed in tandem with security cameras to provide the best possible security for your business. We offer the latest in technology for card access control hardware and software. Ask us about keyless entry systems and how they can help further protect your company’s valuable assets.

Contact us today to learn more about our security system including digital video surveillance. We service businesses within the Southern California area including cities in and around Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach and the South Bay.

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