Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Video Surveillance

In today’s technological world, security cameras have become a controversial topic because of numerous privacy issues looming over the heads of companies operating in many locations. At the same time, companies cannot afford to overlook the importance of surveillance in the rapidly increasing social climate. And, with the advent of technology, business owners have an option to monitor their surveillance system with Remote Video Surveillance at their convenience and schedule. Today, business owners can track their security cameras online and access them remotely using a mobile app or website.

Remote Video Surveillance

Benefits of remote video surveillance

With the increasing penetration of internet, business owners can now view live videos of their security camera on a PC or laptop from anywhere in the world. And, if your business requires multiple cameras in separate locations, you can monitor various camera feeds from numerous location from a single mobile app or website. Furthermore, you can use it in combination with motion users and can set the security camera to trigger either an email or text alert if a motion is detected. You will receive an image of the movement or a 2-minute video of what is happening in that particular location. Also, sitting remotely, business owners can zoom or tilt the IP cameras to change the view and focus on suspicious activities. Usually, the remote security cameras are compatible with a multiple web.

Reduces the insurance cost

A Remote Video Surveillance system has a direct impact on the insurance as it significantly cuts down the insurance premium. If your insurance company deems your business as secure and less prone-to thefts, they will seek lower premium. As a business owner, get in touch with the insurance company to know how much you’re likely to save with remote video surveillance.

Backup of video feeds

The Remote Video Surveillance are stored on the internet and allows you to view the videos from anywhere at a time of your convenience. These cameras provide fancy features of two-way communication, and it gives instructions for verifying the identity of a person.

Benefits of Remote monitoring

Remote Video Surveillance monitoring takes the security camera to a whole n

ew level, and many manufacturers are offering complimentary mobile apps to give you the power to monitor the business from a smartphone or tablet. A plethora of these apps allows viewing multiple cameras simultaneously. It is a perfect solution for companies who want to manage and monitor security cameras with many locations from one smartphone which is Asap Security Specialty.

Protecting your business isn’t complicated or expensive as companies might think. Modern and hi-tech security cameras offer security and prevent costly theft and damage to the office premises. Start protecting your business using the latest technologies as soon as possible. It’s the right choice for your business looking to keep their office premises safe and secure which is Why Asap Security is a platinum dealer of Hikvision

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