ASAP Video Security Camera

Video Cameras & Video Surveillance and Surveillance Systems

Video security cameras are used in various types of business to protect both the premises as well as employees. In industrial settings they may be used to ward off would be criminals from breaking in. Retail locations may use them to prevent retail theft from criminals and employees and to act evidence in the case where theft actually occurs.

Security cameras can be incorporated into a full security system, providing an added layer to motion detection and access control. The design of your video security cameras and their locations are based on your needs and their purpose.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television, also referred to as CCTV is a way to transmit captured video to a television or computer monitor for monitoring or recording. Live feeds can be viewed by security personal or captured and reviewed and stored for later use. CTV can be hooked up and delivered through IP or a point to point system (p2p).

Video Security for Your Needs

Whether you simply employ a video security camera or a full security surveillance system, we can help with the design, installation and maintenance of your system. We offer all software and hardware and can create the security system that meets your company’s specific needs. We service areas in and around Southern California including Long Beach, Los Angeles, South Bay and the West Side of Los Angeles. For more information and a quote, contact us today.

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