PTZ Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance Systems for Any Business or Industry

Pan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, cameras are a type of video surveillance camera that can be remotely operated, allowing the user to move the camera horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and adjust the focal length of the lens (zoom). PTZ cameras can be controlled by an operator in a remote location or through automated systems. They can be used as either residential or commercial security cameras, and are able to record in crystal clear high-definition video. Some of our PTZ cameras even work great in suboptimal lighting conditions thanks to Digital WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range, technology. TurboHD is also available on some popular Hikvision models, which is a feature that sends standard analog HD signals over existing coaxial cables without the need to run new HD cables. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras are extremely versatile, which is likely why they are so popular.

Smart Functionality PTZ

Some of our PTZ cameras include smart functions like line crossing, intrusion detection, and region entrance and exit detection. These functions are generally used to record and log specific events, such as a person entering an area that is supposed to be off limits to them. One of the most exciting features is the line crossing function, which enables you to setup a virtual boundary and to trigger recording when that event occurs. For example, you can draw a virtual “line in the sand” in the user interface, say a precise point located 50 feet from your building. You can then trigger the PTZ camera to start recording when a person walks in one direction across the line, but have the camera ignore them when they walk in the opposite direction. This enables you to come up with a wide variety of creative application possibilities for this smart technology.

Auto-Tracking PTZ

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras that do not require a person to operate them and can automatically detect, follow, and zoom in or out on targets, such as movement by people or cars, are known as auto-tracking PTZ cameras. Instead of needing a human operator, they use specially designed algorithms to detect object movement. For commercial security camera applications, this means fewer resources are needed to monitor cameras, freeing up personnel to focus on more important tasks. The camera’s smart movement technology can also eliminate the use of multiple cameras in the same area. Cameras with auto-tracking PTZ functionality are typically not suited for areas that receive high volumes of traffic. They do, however, work great in areas that have less traffic and visual noise that might distract the auto-tracking functionality, such as a parking lot instead of a busy freeway.

Benefits of a digital video surveillance system:

  • Digital recording technology provides unparalleled superiority in performance, reliability, image resolution and overall benefits. Digital technology is faster, smarter, sharper than VHS based systems.
  • Crystal clear playback tape 300-350 digital 600 to megapixal
  • Higher density recording allows for longer recording on a computer hard drive for as long as it needs to be kept. User friendly, time and date search features
  • Simultaneous search and record
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Digital video surveillance helps deter many subversive behaviors such as shoplifting, vandalism, and employee theft.
  • Security cameras and digital recording have proven to reduce fraudulent liability claims
  • Digitally recorded files provide a video and audio record of documented incidents
  • The internal awareness of a video surveillance system has been shown to improve employee productivity and business efficiencies, which can lead to an increase in net profit.
  • A properly designed and installed video surveillance system can be used as a valuable audit log to review internal business activities in order to re-create actual events that may be disputed or unclear.
  • Used in tandem with a card access control system, a fully-integrated video surveillance system with properly placed security cameras at entry points where electronic door locks are utilized can be a useful tool when reconciling entry to a door with an actual video log of the individual who gained access.

Digital Video Security Cameras for Every Budget And Protection Issue

A wide variety of security cameras and video surveillance equipment from which to choose:

  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Dome Cameras
  • Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras
  • Bullet and Box Cameras
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Covert and Decoy Cameras

When you decide that you need to upgrade the overall security of your business or institution, SoCal Access and Video can help you to custom design a digital video surveillance system with the latest video security cameras and other top quality, reliable security equipment and technology to get the job done right.

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