Cloud Access Control

Cloud Access Control

Less than one decade ago, the word ‘cloud’ was synonymous with the weather, but today it’s creating ripples in the security industry.  In the past few years, large conglomerates have shown a keen interest in cloud access control systems because it helps them juggle between multiple tasks at the same time. From managing multiple sites to providing increased flexibility, the cloud-based system like Brivo is proving as a boon for the capital intensive real estate sector.

According to research, the market for a cloud-based access control system is likely to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% as compared to on-premise systems which will grow at a rate of just 4.2% in the coming 5 years.

In January 2018, we were given the task of implementing our cloud access control system – Brivo to Capital First Realty headquartered in Riverside. With more than 500 employees and presence across 10 cities, the real estate company was using an outdated, unreliable and time-consuming access control system to keep the office premises secure. The company was finding it difficult to manage the security breaches using an outdated computer program because every time the business requirement changed, a person with administrative rights was supposed to travel to each of the 10 locations to reprogram the entire security program. Furthermore, the traditional security program was vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks, which was making important documents accessible to unsolicited and unauthorized personnel.

Because of the accessibility, ease of implementation and reliability, Capital First Realty was keen on migrating from physical servers to cloud access control servers to provide an additional layer of security to their offices.

Here are a few benefits, which the real estate company witnessed after the implementation of Brivo.

Provides accessibility from anywhere in the world

Only a few traditional access control systems provide remote connectivity, but cloud access control systems are designed with worldwide accessibility. Using the Brivo software, authorized personnel from Capital First Realty were able to remotely login using the web portal to manage the day-to-day activity of the system. Also, using Brivo, the authorized personnel could receive alerts and take action before it becomes too late. The video solution offers customized views and helps in monitoring any location at any given point in time.Cloud access control

Provides system reliability

Earlier the company was saving all the data at their headquarter, which is a risky affair considering the fact the increase in the number of cyber crimes in the recent years. A mere power surge or network outrage used to cripple the company and its operations cease to function until the restoration of power or network. But, with our cloud-based access control system, the company overcame this difficulty.

We provide centralized data centers with power backup and storage system to ensure the safety of critical business information.

Streams live video

Our cloud access control system offered live streaming of the entire office, which helps in securing the workplace, information, and employees. The cameras outside and inside provides live streaming and gives details of the historic events. The ability of our software to provide a view of different ongoing activities in the office premises presents a massive opportunity for monitoring different areas such as the lobby, stockroom, sales, accounts, etc. Furthermore, the videos provide flexibility in determining whether a particular location is worth visiting with the clients when snowstorm or hail storm takes place.

Offers customized security reports

Our software provides customized security reports by sending email and text alerts to avoid any security breach. It helped the company keep track of all the activities taking place on the premises.

Today, with an array of the cloud access control system, our solution provides more than security. It enhances your daily operations by providing useful insights related to different security issues.



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