Commercial Remote Services

With over 31 years dedication to ranking the top home security company, ASAP Security remains family-owned and operated to this very day. Through our security services in Southern California and the surrounding areas, we remain dedicated to providing every customer with the most reliable and diligent service possible. If we could use only one word to describe the difference between ASAP Security and other alarm system dealers, we would use the word SERVICE. Alarm systems in Southern California is not about equipment alone; it is about the service you will receive from the operators who monitor your alarm system, the people who maintain your California home’s security system, and management that is able to resolve your questions and/or concerns immediately. If you are frustrated by endless voice mail and automated service, call us and speak to a real person and get real results right now.

Why ASAP Security is uniquely qualified to provide the peace of mind you expect from your Southern California security service:

  • The people responsible for your security are on duty 24 hours a day. Call for assistance and you will speak with a real person, not an automated machine. Call and you get help, not music and apologies.
  • ASAP Security has a record of stability unmatched in Southern California – over 31 years under the same family ownership and direction.
  • Experience that can be measured not just in years, but in successfully meeting the protection needs of a wide variety of retail, commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional subscribers.
  • As a U.L. listed company, we are able to provide service commensurate with the highest standards required by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • As an independent Temecula, Ca security dealer with broad supplier relationships, we can select and integrate components as necessary to provide the most cost effective solution to a security problem, rather than a canned, “one size fits all” approach.
  • The personalized attention that comes only from a locally owned and operated company committed to the Southern California communities.

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