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Every challenge is related

Healthcare has been going through constant changes in the recent years. These changes require more demanding cost controls. Changes can be good because it presents new opportunities for improvement of infrastructure, but there are also many relevant challenges.

ASAP Security provides solutions for every challenge

ASAP Security is here to help. We are effectively assimilating clinicians, patients, and hospitals for connected care. ASAP Security helps institutions which are ready to meet any challenges for safer and more effective healthcare.

ASAP Security- A Leader in Connected Healthcare

With more than a 30 years of experience in providing the best security access in the whole California, our experience in hospital environments is essential in making perfect connected security. We understand how the challenging, complex and competitive world of healthcare is.

The Connected Hospital

To make sure that every patient journey is delivered smoothly and safely, we are improving your organization’s performance with the digital hospital automates and integrated infrastructure systems. This improves information flow speed, complete monitoring and, more agile operations.

The Connected Patient

Clinical monitoring for connected patients is provided. This is an essential part of improving patient health and to help the patient with independence. Connected patients decrease costs and remissions.

The Connected Clinician

Fire Detectors and Fire Sensors

Less confusion and errors, higher productivity and overall, improved staff and patient’s satisfaction are some of the advantages of having connected clinicians. It improves everything from care, efficiency, workflow and, communication.

A Smooth and Easy Arrival

Protection and a Site-Wide Monitoring

ASAP Security video analytics and cameras provide high-quality, side-wide monitoring. Every alert, suspicious activity, door locks, alarms, nurse call and PA systems are monitored for the quick response. In case of an emergency, every room can be locked down, and staff can be alerted and notified what action needs to be done.

Access Control

Even in the compound environment that requires multi-use, we sustain strong security. This also strengthens compliance (for example, access to a clean room) and support asset tracking to limit burglary.

Parking Management

ASAP Security provides additional security systems which provide safety in parking lots and garages. People and property are protected with this easily integrated system that has easy and quick staff access.

Bedside Care and Comfort

Bedside Controls and Communication

Our Software provides a perfect solution for assimilating alarms, infotainment, phones, nurse calls, controls lighting, TV, radio into one controller or terminal. This is very intelligent software and it guarantees that calls and alarms will receive only nurses that are meant for them. Other staff responds to non-clinical requests too.

Education and Patient Care

Through our Software, patients can easily navigate information for better understanding of their health and treatment. ASAP Security remote-monitoring solutions can be transformed into home. This enables improved monitoring in the hospital and at home, plus it reduces costs and remissions.

Prevention of mistakes during the Care

Thousands of deaths per year happen because of medical errors that can be prevented. With our security, those errors can be reduced to a minimum. ASAP Security offers scanners and mobile computers which are enabling confirmations, medications, and track procedures with EHR records.

Better Hygiene and Decreased Threat of Infections

Our solution are improving hygiene and reducing risks of infections for patients and staff because of paperless information collection. Our devices are safe and easy to clean with hard hospital disinfectant.

Bedside Care and Comfort

Clinical Mobility

ASAP Security provides mobile computers and devices which help with tasks and workflow. Nurses spend as much as 30% of their time for non-patient responsibilities, so our devices reduce that to a minimum. By installing a full range of functions like calls, alerts, messages, scanning, tracking, etc. nurses have access to all of that data on a clinical smartphone. That will increase efficiency and improves overall task management.

Communication and Alarm Management through the Site

Because there are many different alarms, it is very important that nurses and medical staff receive only ones that are important. Our systems have a smart technology and integrated nurse-call systems. Our systems intelligently manage alarms and guarantee that right clinicians and staff receive notifications.

Support Staff and Managing Assets

ASAP Security helps with integrating asset tracking and real-time location systems to scheduling orderlies, porters, cleaning, work orders, bed tracking, rooms, and equipment. This is an essential part of increasing productivity and availability.

Paperwork, Submission, and Data Security

ASAP Security offers many possibilities how to optimize records and data. Easy and mobile access to logging tasks and documents and encrypted data increases security, compliance and billing accuracy.

Security and Effectiveness in Every Unit

Preparation of Operating Room

ASAP Security helping yours with the organization of critical areas. Combining environmental panels with OR Schedules improves a preparation by applying standardized settings for temperature, airflow, lighting and other conditions which depend on impending procedures.

Neo-Natal Following and Infant-Abduction Avoidance

Cameras, Door locks, and nurse alarms are ASAP Security solution to avoid infant abduction.

Tracing Specimens from Bed to Lab

Speed up lab requests by bar-coding and connecting specimens to patient records. ASAP Security makes this task easy, fast and safe. It will reduce errors, costs, time and, the most important, improved safety for patients.

Pharmacy Classification and Medication Tracking

It is one of the most important things for patient’s safety that all the medications are precisely labeled. All the medications are labeled and have bar-codes, but sometimes the patient needs smaller pack or dose, each with a new label. ASAP Security offers high-speed printers which produce labels very quickly, and scanners to verify every medication.

Site-Wide Protection and Control

Computerization and Building Management

ASAP Security offers an intelligent platform that assimilates building and energy controls, safety, security, communication, business systems, IT and analytics software into a web-based interface. That is why our platform offers strong but easy to manage IP network. This is important because it helps hospitals run more effectively in every aspect-from everyday operations too fast response in the crisis period.

Computerization and Building Management

ASAP Security provides life-safety systems to detect fire, smoke, water flow, and helping hospitals to protect people and minimize the damage.

Multi-Site and Smart Digital Protection

Connected surveillance and video analytics monitor is built for the safety of multiple sites for smart incident detection and alarms. It is easy to connect it with alarms, asset tracking, building controls, and locks.

Public Address and Voice Alarm System

ASAP Security systems provide hospitals possibility to make critical announcements to specific regions or areas of the hospital. This includes evacuation management if necessary.

Site-Wide Protection and Control

Eco-Friendly Energy Supervision

ASAP Security cares about environment. Our management solutions assimilate greener energy sources.

Reduced Consumption and Waste Controlling

ASAP Security also helps with reducing and monitoring other waste. For example, supply tracing helps with reducing usage and optimizing it. More precise distribution and control help in limiting waste.

Accurate Airflow Control

ASAP Security systems enable precise airflow through the whole hospital which improves control of hygiene, energy usage, and safety. Airflow can be controlled easily with the remote or smartphone.

Cleaning and Air Filtration

We have strict air filtration systems which are integrated with building control systems. They are providing quality air in every room, while there is automatic cleaning if necessary.

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