ASAP Airport Security Solutions

ASAP Security will make the tough and challenging job simple. We have an intelligent approach to every solution. Our platform is developed for a strong security and it will decrease costs and increase productivity and safety. Simply put, ASAP Security systems inspire better airports. We are not just the company that makes airport experience for the passengers and workers. ASAP Security also takes care of the environment, and we are doing the best job in reducing green glass emissions and air pollution. Simply put, ASAP Security Systems raise quality of the air industry and brings it on another level.

Intelligent Airport Managing

ASAP Security Buildings Integrator is a user-friendly and intelligent platform. This platform is integrated into complete building management, security, life safety, and communication. It makes airports much more efficient and it increases safety level.

Let’s Travel Together

We are providing security not just in the airport. ASAP Security delivers high-level security from the moment passengers enter the airport to the final destination. We want to make sure that our customers have safe, comfortable and extraordinary flying experience from curbside to landing. ASAP Security also provides much easier and user-friendly software which will make airport workers much more efficient and it will make their jobs much easier.


Smart Security Cameras

Our smart security cameras are perfect for inside and outside of the terminal. The high-quality video provides advanced security ability. It has intelligent recording that goes with an amazing storing systems which will prevent of losing evidence.

Radar Video Controlling and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

This is very important because it helps in detecting potential threats even before they reach the airport. Radar is an ideal option for detecting potential threats while CCTV is used for identification.

Terminal Arrival

Ticketing, Check-in, Baggage Management and Security

ASAP Security has advanced technology which is used in hundreds of airports across the entire world. It is proven to be one of the finest in the business. It reduces delays and helps that passengers don’t go to the wrong planes and to reach their destination on time.

Imaging and Flexibility Solution for Baggage Management

ASAP Security offers a solution for improved baggage sorting, loading and reconciliation systems with smart printers and easy to handle mobile computers. Our equipment is successfully used in many airports.

Voice Alarms and Public Address Systems

ASAP Security technology provides easy communication and announcements to any specific gate or area of the terminal. The volume will be automatically adjusted to the level of background noise.

In the Terminal

Building Controlling Systems

Building Controlling Systems provides many functions in one place. These systems are integrated with security, life safety, comfort, energy control, and many other functions. It gives easy access to any information with just one click and they are easy to manage.

Fire Detectors and Fire Sensors

ASAP Security offers the best fire detectors and sensors in the market which help improving security and overall safety. We are providing fire detectors, smoke detectors, water-flow detectors, and other detectors that provide safety to airports.

Fire Alarms

We have a new generation alarm systems and smoke detectors. ASAP Security is using newest and the most precise smoke detection. Our systems are designed to protect people and properties even in the most challenging situations when other methods of safety fail to react.

Energy Controlling and Management

Since we are very cautious with environment our energy management demands responsible use of renewable energy. This enables airports to save money on energy usage and it is protecting our environment.

On the Runway

Runway Lighting and Taxiway lights

ASAP Security has runway and taxiway lighting systems at airports which are providing safety and improves speed and to keep delays to a minimum.

Managing of Ground traffic

Ground Traffic Management Systems enables individual lamp control which improves capacity and makes runway safer while it reduces airport energy usage.

Pilot Safety

ASAP Security provides a smart 3-d view to a pilot, while it provides key alerts, marking and signage developments. It will improve pilot vision ability and it will be easier to orient and locate.

Visual Docking Management Systems

Automatic and precise guidance of aircraft to a terminal, and it makes passengers and baggage to arrive quicker than ever!

Control and Monitoring System

We have the best monitoring and control systems in the market. They are providing control for runway and taxiway lights while they deliver real-time feedbacks.

During the Flight


ASAP Security provides quality satellite communications which are enabling global connectivity. High-class data connectivity, software, hardware, and network are providing an amazing experience for traveling all over the world.

Weather Prevention

We are providing quality Radars which are the most advanced and they can easily predict any weather change. This means that they are the best when it comes to turbulence notification and pilots will be informed in time.


We are providing quality Radars which are the most advanced and they can easily predict any weather change. This means that they are the best when it comes to turbulence notification and pilots will be informed in time.

Fuel Effectiveness

We have developed technology that makes any non-edible or second-generation natural oil into a green jet oil. We want to make sure that our system meets all the specifications for flight while reducing greenhouse emissions.

Engine Tools

ASAP Security engine technology is made to enable maximum performance, reliability, and durability.

Destination Approach and Landing

Managing of Air Traffic

ASAP Security enables improved airport capability while helping with reducing air traffic noises and putting down to a minimum all the weather-related delays. We are offering better overall flying experience while reducing costs and taking care of the environment.

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