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Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

Give your business the security it deserves with a completely installed, 24/7 monitored ASAP Security electronic security system. Installing a reliable intrusion detection system is an easy, straightforward way for businesses to help prevent break-ins to their buildings.ASAP Security designs, installs, services, and monitors burglar alarm security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, banks and credit unions, colleges and universities, government facilities, and more.

ASAP Security intrusion security systems provide a flexible and economic solution to meet your building security needs. Utilizing industry standard technology, we strategically locate detection equipment throughout your business to maximize your coverage against security risks and intruders. This proven solution utilizes the latest in detection technology that is UL approved and professionally installed.

Whether you need an alarm system for a single location, want to secure multiple buildings on a campus, need a highly integrated intrusion detection system for a complex facility, or are looking for a strategic security provider to protect hundreds of locations across the country, we can protect what is important to you – your confidential information, property, and people.

Security System Installation

With offices in most metropolitan areas across the country, we have skilled and certified local installation technicians who deliver on-time, on-budget installations to meet our clients’ needs. These skilled security system installation technicians can install and service your business security alarm, in addition to other security systems including video surveillance cameras and video storageaccess control solutionsfire detection systems, and more. They have the expertise to provide security system installation for your company that exceeds your expectations and helps ensure your facility is better protected.

Security System Service

ASAP Security not only installs burglar alarms, but we also service the intrusion detection security systems when they are not working properly. ASAP Security delivers exceptional service to our customers by employing knowledgeable and highly trained local technicians to perform service on our clients’ security systems. In addition, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and service plans are available to protect our clients’ security investments, avoid un-budgeted expenses, and reduce downtime. Our team can handle all security system inspection, testing, and maintenance, ensuring that your alarm system continues to provide reliable protection for your property.

Security Alarm Monitoring

We provide around the clock security monitoring of your business’s alarm system so you don’t have to think twice about the security of your facility. ASAP Security alarm monitoring is provided through our four ASAP Security-owned monitoring centers in the U.S. and Canada. Our team of experienced monitoring specialists are experts in identifying, monitoring, and responding to our clients’ security alarms 24/7, every day of the year. In addition, our multiple locations have automatic communication redundancy to provide consistent protection across the country.

Intrusion Alarm Verification

For faster police response times and to minimize false alarms, ASAP Security Security offers multiple verified intrusion alarm options. These enhanced alarm systems have integrated video surveillance, providing more insight into the alarm activity. Verified security solutions allow ASAP Security monitoring professionals to confirm an intrusion attempt is actually taking place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and leading to faster police response.

When an alarm is triggered via a motion detector, door sensor, or glass break sensor, the highly trained professionals in one of our four UL Listed Customer Service Centers will receive an associated video clip of the activity recorded by your security cameras in order to visually confirm that an intrusion is in progress. Once an alarm is verified with the video feed from your security camera system, we will immediately alert authorities to the situation. Aside from a video surveillance system being a great visual deterrent, video-verified security systems allow our monitoring center specialists to confirm a break in visually, elicit a priority police response, and provide real-time information on intruder activities to authorities.

Communication Back Up

Ensuring your security systems can successfully communicate to our ASAP Security UL Listed Customer Service Center is very important to the effectiveness of your solution. ASAP Security provides several system communication options and industry leading equipment to allow for every communication need and to adapt to ever-changing technology. In addition to cellular communication, we offer internet communication as a path for alarm signals to our monitoring centers. With these cellular and internet based communication devices, telephone lines cannot be cut in order to interrupt your service. With multiple options to meet your system’s needs, we can offer peace of mind knowing that your system will communicate effectively.

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